Watching Crazy High Rollers Bet Huge On BC.Game Crash

BC Game has the biggest bitcoin crash game online out of any of the bitcoin gambling sites – This version of crash has the most players online and it also happens to have the most high rollers i have seen.

These guys bet 10k in one hit.. on one of the most nerve-racking gambling games there is, crash.

Over the years i have been playing on BC game i have randomly been collecting screenshots of crazy whale bets i have watched and in this article i wanted to show case all the craziest wins and losses i have seen on this insane version of crash.

First of all is this poor bastard – he kept doubling his bet which is a terrible strategy on this game.. and this time he bet $29,520 USD and it crashed almost instantly. My heart goes out to this bloke, and i hope is so wealthy that 30k is a drop in the ocean to him.


Here is a good example of someone who should have cashed out a little earlier.. this person bet around $1500 and let it run up to x7 – Nearly $7000 in profits there.. but alas no cashout!


This person bet $500 in one hit, not the biggest bet ever – But they sure did let it run for a while! I watched as the multiplier counted up and it crashed at 18X. This person had over $7000 in profit but still held on.. now that is some diamond balls right there!


Here is one of the biggest bets i have seen on BC game, although not the biggest. This gambler bet just under $15,000 in one hit – and look where he cashed out, seconds before the game crashed.

A very nice win one this one.. over $21,000 in profit for this user, nice!


This BC Game user has some big balls, he bet nearly $10,000 in one hit and held on for over 2X, although sadly for this user the game crashed at 2.92X. This user had over $18,000 in profits sitting right there and some how managed to hold on a little too long, what a shame.


Here is a good example of the huge wins possible on BC crash game.. this user bet around $1800 and some how managed to hold onto it for a 7X win, netting themselves a profit of over $11,000.


And the screenshot below shows a nice and easy quick win on BC crash game.. this user placed a huge bet of over $17,000 and quickly took a win of $2000.. not bad for 10 seconds work!


BC Game is the best place for high rollers to play crash.. there are over 300 users online at all times and there are always a few whales on there betting huge amounts.

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