Wagerr – Anonymous Blockchain Sports Betting Platform

Wagerr is a fully anonymous and automatic blockchain sports betting platform that runs on it’s own blockchain and operates using WGR as the native currency.

This decentralized sports betting application allows you to earn profit by holding the WGR tokens or creating a supernode and holding a larger amount of coins to help secure the network.

The system is very nice and easy to use, it looks great on a desktop computer via the web based version and for mobile users their is a dedicated application that allows you to bet on your mobile phone in a very simple fashion.

With Wagerr you are able to bet on all the top sporting events such as soccer and football, mma fighting, basketball, hockey and many more different types of sports and special events.


Wagerr is the worlds first truly private betting application that allows anyone in the world to sign up instantly and start betting, without limits or restrictions. When compared with traditional betting sites Wagerr has 40% lower juice and gives bettors a bigger edge meaning you will earn more when you win and pay less fees.

One of the best features of the Wagerr sports betting system is the ability to earn money by holding the WGR tokens and helping secure the network via POS super node mining. Anyone in the world can be the house and hold WGR tokens to get a share of this sports betting applications daily profits.

The Wagerr system is very nice and simple, it’s easy to use runs well on just about any device including a mobile phone and allows you to place bets easily. Every single transaction is done on the blockchain and is secure and fair, anonymous and has no location restrictions like many sportsbooks, sports betting applications and sports betting websites.


Here is the official promotional video explaining how the Wagerr system works, this decentralized betting application allows anyone to bet anonymously on the blockchain and via smart contracts where no one can block or ban your account.