3 Gambling Sites That Share Profit Via Tokens

These 3 gambling platforms share the daily profit with token holders, all you need to do is hold these tokens in your accounts and you will receive a share of the daily prize pools.

By using these online crypto casinos you get free gambling credits and more chances to win big amounts of bitcoin along with the ability to create a passive income for yourself simply by gambling on these 3 different cryptocurrency gambling platforms.


Bet Fury

Bet Fury is my personal favorite gambling site, the games look amazing and the dividends are huge. Each time you gamble you earn small amounts of BFG tokens, and these tokens give you a daily payment paid in bitcoin, tron, bit torrent token and tether.

This is one of the biggest and most popular bitcoin casinos and allows you to register, deposit and start playing instantly. The more bets you can turn over the more BFG tokens you can mine and the bigger share of the total prize pool you will receive each day.


Earn Bet

Earn Bet is a decentralized gambling platform running on the EOS blockchain, each time you gamble you will earn BET tokens and these tokens will give you a share of the sites profit, paid out once monthly, along with decreasing the house edge and giving you a better chance to win.

All of this bitcoin gambling websites transactions are performed on chain, when you create an account you will get your own seed words which keeps all of your 14 different crypto wallets secure. You can earn dividends in many different cryptocurrencies and all of the bets are truly randomized.



Wagerr is a decentralized sports betting platform that has an awesome mobile phone application and makes betting on sporting events super simply.

The whole platform runs on it’s own blockchain and uses WGR tokens for all transactions, anyone can earn profit by staking WGR tokens on different staking platforms or creating your own supernode.