Review Of Bet Fury Gambling And Investing

Bet Fury is a bitcoin and tron gambling website that allows you to get a share of the websites daily profit simply by holding the BFG tokens in your account.

This website offers a unique way of earning bitcoin and tron, all you need to do is gamble on the site and the more you gamble the more BFG tokens you will earn which in turn gives you a bigger share of the daily take.


Below is a screenshot of the dividend pool, at the time of writing 124 BTC worth over 2M USD – Each day you will receive a payment based on the amount of BFG tokens you hold in your account.


Another unique way you can earn money on this site is the bet fury boxes, these bonuses boxes come up randomly and allow you to get more money back than you spend, usually around 10% monthly although sometimes super boxes appear which will pay back double your money.

There is also a free box which acts as a free bitcoin faucet, you can claim 10 satoshi every 20 minutes and this can be used to gamble with and generate the BFG tokens.


The referral system on bet fury is one of the best i have come across in my effort to earn bitcoin online, you can withdraw your profits in real time as your referrals gamble without any minimum amount, just click withdraw and the funds will be spendable.


With the Bet Fury affiliate program you will earn 15% of the house edge from all games won, 1.5% from all winning bets on the slot machines and 5% of the tokens mined by your referrals which gives you daily profit on top of the referral profits.


Bet Fury has some of the best looking in house games i have seen on any of the crypto gambling sites, there are many players online and the games are provably fair. You can also find all of your favorite slot machines, casino games from all the big providers.

It’s easy to search through the database of bitcoin gambling games, it’s a full online casino with one of the most amazing collection of games along with the highest paying cash back system.


Below is the bet fury version of crash, there are many users online betting big so you have a good chance to win and the game is provably fair, running on hashing algorithms similar to what powers the bitcoin network.


Here is the in house version of mines, the game looks great and it allows you to bet automatically.. this is one of the best ways to turn over large amounts of bitcoin and generate those BFG tokens.


Keno is one of my favorite ways to big big amounts of bitcoin, you can win 85, 290, or even 1000X your money if you hit enough numbers. The game looks great and allows you to be automatically so you can program different algorithms and create unique gambling strategies to either win bitcoin, or turn over enough bets to generate massive amounts of BFG tokens.


Bet Fury is my personal favorite gambling website, there is a huge amount of games and their is millions of dollars going through the system, you can bet big and win big, the games are provably fair and with the dividends and high cash back rewards you can get huge amounts of free credits and earn a passive income generate from this high traffic bitcoin casino.