Review Of BC.Game Bitcoin Casino And Affiliate System

BC Game has one of the most powerful bitcoin casino systems online with many unique features and in this article i wanted to showcase all of the best features that makes this cryptocurrency casino stand out from the crowd.

BC Game has one of the best collection of in house games, these are games hosted by the website themselves and are unique to BC Game. You will find crash, baccarat, keno, dice, limbo, roulette, blackjack, hash dice with a multiplier of up to 99,999 and a number of custom made slot machines.


One of the most popular features is the free daily lucky spin where you have the chance to win one full bitcoin, the odds are probably in the millions but it’s fun to try and you can win other free cryptocurrencies which gives you free credits to play on the site and test out all the games.


This is one of my favorite games on BC spin you can win some good amounts percentage wise, the graphics and sound are cool and their are a couple of different bonuses on this bitcoin slot machine and it’s a good way to test the site as you can use your free spins from the daily free lucky spin and play this game to multiple your coins.


This in house slot machine from bc game has cute colorful anime style graphics and is fun to play, it works quickly and allows you to run the game on auto bet, stop and start quickly and change your bets easily without any lag.


BC game has a number of unique crypto slot machines you won’t find on other sites such as this hentai adult themed style slot machine called oriental beauties. It features Japanese inspired anime style cartoon girls icons and this one can also pay out some great amounts especially if you bet big and hit a good multiplier.



Another example of the custom in house games BC Game has in this lucky wheel game that allows you to run on auto bet mode and try different betting patterns and algorithms, the aim of the game is to choose a bet multipler you would like to win and then the difficulty,you can change the odds of winning and how much you bet each time you lose or win.


The dice game is always a favorite on gambling sites as it’s pretty much plain 50 / 50 odds, black or red and it’s one of the easiest auto gambling systems to setup and run to use different betting patterns. This crypto dice game works nice and fast and i have not come across any lag, the house edge is only 1% and anyone can fund the bank roll and earn a share of the houses profits which can increase your house edge and let you earn more with this bitcoin dice betting system.


The crash game looks really cool and has many players online, you can bet in 14 different cryptocurrencies and both small and large users are on here betting and the bank roll has 600+ BTC inside so it’s possible to win very large amounts on this bitcoin crash game.


BC Game has one of the best affiliate systems i have seen on all the major gambling platforms, first of all when you create an account you automatically have a dedicated affiliate area setup where you can see all of youe stats, sign ups, users and amounts earned from different players.


BC Game offers some of the most generous affiliate commissions and bonuses, you will earn both commissions bonuses for users who gamble alot and level up, you can earn up to 50k cash if you refer many users who gamble and this is just as the bonuses.

It’s great to see a bitcoin casino offer the affiliates bonuses for their hard work, i know the gamblers are the stars and bring in the cash but the affiliates bring in the gamblers, bc game has done a great job providing incentives for affiliate marketers to get on board and promote the project.


You can earn up to $100 USD per user referred who gambles on bc game and levels up, the best way to do this is show users how cool the site is and show them different ways to earn profit on the site, just like i am doing with this blog article. Once users learn how advanced the system is and how huge the bonuses can be for not only gamblers but the affiliate marketers – people are much more likley to jump on board and promote bc game.


BC Game is also one of the only bitcoin casino’s that allows you to build your own casino right on top of bc game, its very simple just buy a domain and promote your casino, earn huge commissions and bonuses for bringing in users, this is the only site i have seen offering white label casinos using cryptocurrencies i have seen.


Another feature i really like is the real time rewards for affiliates, here we can see all the referral commissions for all users and it shows us how much is being paid out to the affiliates and is a unique feature you don’t see on many affiliate marketing sites.

The BC Game referral system allows you to earn life time commissions in 14 different cryptocurrencies and withdraw this profit in real time, there are no holds or waits as soon as your referrals gamble you will earn a small percentage which you can withdraw immediately.


Like most bitcoin gambling websites we can see all of the bets done in real time, all using hashing algorithms that work like bitcoin or bitcoin mining. There are huge amounts going through the site and if you refer some big gamblers you can make huge commissions, bc game is one of the best bitcoin gambling sites to promote.

BC Game is one of the most popular bitcoin gambling websites and allows you to bet in many different cryptocurrencies, has it’s own unique gambling games that are fun to play and has huge prizes for gamblers and affiliate marketers alike.