– Worlds Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet is the worlds highest paying faucet if your a bitcoin gambler, once you have deposited 0.01 btc or more and ran the auto dice for a few days or weeks your faucet payments will go up massively and the more you turn over the more rewards points you earn which can pay for upgrades on the faucet claims also.

So once you have gambled on this site for a while the amount of bitcoin you can get for free back is great, this can be used to gamble more and increase your rank and rewards points and you can try different gambling strategies to win something big.

If you check out the screenshot below it says 630 satoshi per claim but i have had it up to 700+ satoshi per hour, it might be possible to get even more if your a higher roller i only played with around $100, i got most of my money back from the faucet and re gambling and using the bonus rewards points etc.


If your a free user the free bitcoin faucet pays out around 19 – 21 satoshi per claim and randomly you could win 0.02 btc although this would be very rare but it’s possible. With each claim from the crypto faucet you will receive 2 free lottery tickets and each week there is around $3000 to win.


And if you think you can’t win with huge amounts of bitcoin, while writing this article i checked the last bitcoin lottery drawn on and the last person who won the jackpot only bought 16 lottery tickets worth 16 satoshi and won an amazing 0.18 BTC! has been online for 7 years and has paid out over 200,000 bitcoins during this time, the site has sports betting, betting on the presidential election and other political events, bitcoin soccer betting, bitcoin football gambling, european sports betting and american sports betting with instant deposits and withdraws.