Earn Bitcoin & Ethereum Staking BET Tokens

In this article i wanted to show you how to earn bitcoin and ethereum staking BET tokens – the native cryptocurrency of the wax blockchain based gambling platform Earn Bet.

Earn Bet is the worlds first cryptocurrency gambling website to run on a real blockchain, every single bet is a real live transaction done on the wax blockchain. Your funds are sent to the system, the algorithm chooses a win or loss and your lucky the system will send you back your winnings.

The site is popular with whale gamblers who want a true and fair bet, and the system allows users to earn cryptocurrency 3 different ways.. by staking BET tokens, holding bet tokens in your account wallet to receive dividend payments, and referring users to gamble on the website.

Another great feature of holding BET tokens in your account is the reduced how edge meaning you will win more often when you hold bet tokens, a feature unique to Earn Bet and another great reason to hold the token if your gambling on the site.


BET Token has a max supply under 100 million and tokens are burned all the time meaning the supply will get smaller and smaller which is good compared to most cryptocurrencies that are creating millions of new coins daily.


The staking system on earn bet is very nice and simple to use, all you need to do is put BET tokens in your account and then visit the staking page.

You can choose different amounts of time to lock up the tokens and each one pays higher interest the longer you lock them up. It’s possible to earn compound interest by reinvesting your coins after the taking period and getting a higher amount of coins back each time.


Earn Bet has been online for 2 years and has been paying out stable profits the whole time, it’s a popular gambling site and it’s very simple to setup a staking account and start earning profits from this bitcoin casino.