Earn Bet – Hold BET Tokens And Earn Daily Profits

Earn Bet is the worlds first decentralized online casino and by holding BET tokens you can get a share of the website daily profits. Earn bet allows you to gamble in 14 different cryptocurrencies and has provably fair betting based on blockchain technology.

100% of the profits generated on Earn Bet are distributed to token holders so the project owners are incentivized to hold the tokens and anyone can own a share of this decentralized gambling platforms profits.


The website allows you to see the BET token circulating supply, the amount staked, burned and tokens not staked, since the platform is new most of the tokens are owned by the house and can be won by users betting on the platform.


Earn Bet lists all of the bet token statistics and you can see your return on investment, at the time of writing the APY is 68% yearly making this a high return investment, and since the platform is new their is much room to grow once the site becomes more popular and has more bets going through it every day.


One unique feature of earn bet is the ability to stake your tokens for different time periods and earn bigger commissions for staking your tokens longer, you can stake up to 5 years and earn a massive 86% APY or as little as 1 day and get 0.4% APY.


The bet tokens not only give you profits but they also also give you a reduces house edge, meaning you can win more often which may come in handy one day on that critical bet. 100% of the profit from earn bet is distributed to users who hold the tokens making this one of the highest paying gambling dividend systems available.


Earn Bet has a number of good looking gambling games including dice and crash, blackjack, hil lo and baccarat, you can use your own wallet to connect with the game and place bets, allowing you to gamble in a fully decentralized fashion where you retain the keys to wallet.


Here is a quick demo video of the earn bet crash game running, each bet is run on the blockchain and takes a few seconds to run.. although sometimes when it does you can have some amazing wins like this x100 win of 700+ TRX.


This video shows you my best dice win so far, 1800 TRX – I increased the bet size X10 and was betting on a real long shot and got it.. it’s a good example video of the dice game and you can see how long it takes to do a transaction on the wax blockchain.. only 2-3 seconds which is amazing.


Create your account on Earn Bet – Get $50 free btc when you deposit $100