Review Of Earn Bet Decentralized Crash Game

The Earn Bet decentralized crash game is one of my favorite versions of crash, and that is because you are playing on the blockchain VS a computer rather than having other players influence the game.

When playing Crash on most of the bitcoin gambling websites you are often playing with many other users who can often influence the game. For example if your betting small and a big whale comes in and starts betting huge he will totally control the game and all the wins / losses will be based on his betting.

With the earn bet version of crash your playing by yourself vs the computer, so no matter if you bet small or big the computer will always use the same algorim the play out the bet, and this means a much better chance of winning.


This version of crash looks cool and works well, all of the bets are run on the wax blockchain and are provably fair. The site allows you to bet in 14 different cryptocurrencies and your account is stored securely on chain using a 12 word seed phrase.

All of the transactions done on the site are instant and anonymous, you can withdraw any amount instantly and because of it’s decentralized nature this site is popular with whale gamblers who want to bet big and know it’s secure.


The Earn Bet version of crash allows you to also place a bet for the jackpot win, at the time of writing the jackpot is around $47,000 USD and on each gamble you place you can pay a bit extra to into the draw for the jackpot.


Here is a Youtube video showing off my best win so far.. an epic x100 win on 7 TRX, winning over 700 TRX, worth around $35 USD at the time of writing this article.


And this video shows another one of my best wins.. and it was by accident lol. While not paying attention some how i put the bet up really high and then didn’t even notice while i watched it count up and up until i am nearly at X5.. i noticed how big i bet and quickly cashed out whilst having a heart attack and was relieved to hear that bing! sound it makes when you win.


One of the best features of playing the earn bet crash game is that you earn BET tokens each time you gamble and the BET tokens give you a monthly payment in bitcoin and ethereum, 100% of all the profits generated on earn bet are distributed to the token holders.


Earn Bet allows you to stake your BET tokens and earn compound interest, just choose the length you want to lock them up and once the time is complete you will receive your profits.. all paid in BET tokens which you can then restake and earn compound interest.


Earn Bet has a powerful gambling platform running on blockchain technology and the crash game is one of my favorite, and by holding BET tokens in your account wallet you can receive much larger cash backs and even generate a passive crypto income.