Bet Fury Casino Adds Yield Farming

Bet Fury Casino has recently added yield farming where you can stake your BFG tokens and earn more BFG tokens, currently the APY is anywhere from 100% to 250% yearly making it one of the highest paying staking / yield farming tokens available.

This online casino has been in operation for over 2 years now and is my personal favorite gambling site, the system works nice and fast and the site looks fantastic, it has all of the top slot machines and has the highest paying cash back out of any of the crypto gambling websites.

The Bet Fury yield farming system runs on the binance smart chain network and is very simple to use, all you need to do is buy tokens on Biswap exchange and then lock your BFG tokens in bet fury staking system and you will start to earn profits immediately.


BFG token allows you to earn daily profit simply by holding the tokens in your bet fury account, you will receive a share of the websites daily profits paid out in TRX, BTC, Ethereum, Bit Torrent token and tether. It’s one of the easiest ways to start generating a passive income and with the new yield farming option you are able to start generating even more BFG tokens simply by locking them into the staking system.


The dividends pool is around 4 million USD, a small percentage of each bet is placed into the pool for users who hold the BFG tokens. To get the daily profits you don’t need to lock your tokens, all the tokens in your account count towards your total and will generate daily profits.

Compared with your local poker machines down the pub, bet fury pays out an amazing amount of daily cash back and this is why it’s my favorite gambling site.. you can even get up to 25% cash back based on your ranking which gives you even more of your cash back when you lose.


Bet Fury has all of the top online casino games available from all of the biggest providers, all of your favorites are here. You can play thousands of different slot machines, casino games like poker and blackjack along with many unique in house casino games you won’t find on other sites.

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