BC.Game Let’s You Fund The Bank Roll And Earn Crypto

BC Game is a popular bitcoin gambling website that has one of the most powerful bitcoin gambling systems i have seen after testing most of the bitcoin gambling sites, and today i wanted to show everyone one of the key features.. the ability to fund the bank roll and earn cryptocurrency.

This custom built bitcoin casino has a number of unique features and has a huge amount of players online, it’s one of the most frequently visited websites and is turning over millions of dollars worth of bitcoin daily – And here is how you can get a piece of the action.


To fund the bank roll on BC Game, follow these simple steps.

First, create an account on BC game here.

Second, visit one of the games that you want to fund, and set your wallet to the cryptocurrency you want to use. You will find the bank roll button circled in red below, click on this to fund the bank in TRX as shown below.


Next, a little pop up box will appear which shows you your bank roll stats, click on the change button to add funds or unstake funds.


On the “change” page you will see an area to choose the amount you want to deposit or withdraw from the bankroll along with choosing 2X leverage which is more risky but pays higher. Once you have chosen the amount of TRX you want to deposit click the deposit / withdraw button.


BC Game provides is a simple way to earn profit in 10+ different cryptocurrencies, you can choose the exact games you want to fund and the different coins you want to use and each one pays different profits, it’s a smart system and has a huge amount of crypto going through it every day.