7 Epic Earn Bet Crash Wins – Going For x1000

Earn Bet has one of the best versions of crash – a popular bitcoin gambling game that you will find on most of the bitcoin gambling websites.

The reason i really like the earn bet version of crash is the fact it’s built on the wax blockchain and every single bet is true and fair and chosen randomly, each bet is a transaction done live on the wax blockchain using smart contracts.

Another great feature of this crash game is the fact your playing vs the computer, so other bettors can’t influence your bets which is something that happens often on other gambling sites such as Bet Fury or BC game.

In this article i wanted to show case some of my best wins on this awesome decentralized version of crash.. my personal favorite version of crash.

The first bet here was a bit of a mistake – i accidentally put the bet up 10 times the normal amount i was betting, a total of 77 TRX. If i had of noticed i bet so much i wouldn’t have held on so long lol.. but luckily i managed to get a whopping 11.32X which netted me over 800 TRX!


My strategy on earn bet crash game is to set the multiplier to 1000x – This way the system will count up to very high numbers and allows me to cash out earlier but still have a big win. With this one i bet 7 TRX and got an amazing 91X – winning over 650 TRX from just one bet.


Another tactic i like to use on earn bet decentralized crash game is to randomly put the bet up very high and go for a smaller multiplier, in this case 2X. My initial bet was 150 TRX so i quickly earned myself over 150 TRX and cashed out quickly!


The screen shot below shows off one of my just in time wins – here i got 20.11X and the game crashed at 20.22 – If i had of held out for one more micro second i would have missed this one.. but ended up having a great win of 140 TRX from a small bet of 7 TRX.


Here is another lucky win where i cashed out just in time, this time i got a whopping 31.71X win and the game crashed at 31.86X – again if i had of waited another micro second i would have missed this one.. this game can be very nerve racking as the game can crash at anytime and you can see your winnings in real time.


And here is one more win where i pulled out just in time, this might be the closest win i had with only a nano second difference between winning and losing. This time i won 10.99X and the game crashed at 11.01x – this might be the closest win i have ever had.


And last but certainly not least is one of my biggest wins, a whopping 100X. This time i had the multiplier set to 100X and the game was kind enough to comply with my request for a 100X win.. a handy 700 TRX in my pocket thanks to Earn Bet.

Earn Bet has one of the best versions of crash available, the site has instant deposits and withdrawals and every single bet placed earns you BET tokens which provides a reduced house edge along with a monthly dividend payment in bitcoin and ethereum.


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