5 Tron Slot Machines That Let You Bet Huge

In this article i wanted to show you 5 tron slot machines that let you win huge amounts of money, all of these slot machine / poker machines are provided by Booonga and hosted on Bet Fury.

As you play these slots on Bet Fury you will generate BFG tokens and get daily cash back paid in bitcoin, tron, bit torrent token and tether.

Booonga is one of the biggest and most popular slot machines and provides slots to hundreds of online gambling sites, their are huge amounts going through these systems and they are provably fair, you have a good chance of winning although i don’t suggest you gamble at the top rate unless your a real money bags and can afford to spend $100+ per spin!

The first slot machine i wanted to show case is the wild 888 – this machine is quick and fun to play and can put out some huge amounts, up to 6000X your original bet. The idea is to get the *** symbols covering all reels.. and if they do boy does this one pay out big!


This machine is quick to play, and often it will pay X2 or X4, so it’s a good one to randomly put the bet up high and see if it hits. This slot machine is fun to play and allows you to bet up to 750 TRX per spin, so if you hit X6000 the max win amount is 4.5 million tron.


This is one of my favorite slot machines the Buddha fortune, the aim is to get 6 of the blue balls which triggers the feature, if you can fill the screen with balls you will win the grand prize of X2000 your original bet you can get mini and minor bonuses which pay extra too.


With a maximum bet of 1250 TRX bet the grand jackpot can pay out 2.5 million TRX, and the minor 62,500 and the mini a respectable 25,000 TRX per ball that drops.


The dragon pearls hold and win slot machine is another great online bitcoin poker machine from Booongo, it has nice graphics and sound and has a good wild feature that can pay out big on normal spins along with some high jackpots.


The dragon pearls bitcoin pokie pays out a max of X1000 and the biggest bet you can do is 1500TRX which means you can get a max win of 1.5 million TRX on this machine along with 225,000 TRX for the major and 45,000 TRX for the mini.


Super marble is a similar slot machine with different graphics and sound, and although it only pays out a max of X1000 it’s still another fun machine to play when you want to try hitting it big on a few different machines.


Super marble slot machine by booongo allows you to bet a max of 2500 TRX or around $72 USD per spin and with a X1000 payout this will be 2.5 million TRX which at the time of writing this article is worth around $72,000 USD.


And i saved the big bad boy until last, the 15 dragons pearls slot machine from Booongo, this slot machine is very fun to play and has a good free spins feature where your wins can be grouped together into a big pot and make another big win.


15 Dragon pearls slot machine allows you to bet up to 2000 TRX which is around $52 USD and has max payout rate of X5000 which means if you crack this one the top prize is a staggering 10 million TRX, worth over $292,000 USD.. now that will be one helleva free set of free spins when someone hits that!


All of these slot machines are provided by Booongo and are hosted on the Bet Fury system, you can find over 50 awesome slot machines from Booongo and thousands of other slot machines and online casino games are available on bet fury.


When you play these slots on bet fury you will receive BFG tokens based on the total amounts of bets done, the more you turn over the more tokens you will earn and the more daily profit you will receive, a feature unique to Bet Fury.