5 Bitcoin Gambling Sites That Share Profit Automatically

The online gambling industry is worth billions and now with blockchain technology anyone can own a share of a bitcoin casino and earn profits paid out in cryptocurrency automatically and anonymously.


Earn Bet was the worlds first bitcoin casino to run on the blockchain directly, the system runs on smart contracts and every single bet is a real transaction done live on the wax blockchain.

Anyone in the world is able to earn profit from this system, simply hold the BET tokens in your account wallet and receive a monthly payment paid in bitcoin and ethereum.

Earn Bet shares 100% of profits with token holders and is one of the worlds first truly decentralized crypto casino that is popular with high rollers who want a true and fair bet.


Wagerr is a decentralized sports betting system that runs on it’s own blockchain and allows users to anonymously and instantly bet on sporting events from around the world. All bets on the platform are made in WGR token and every single bet is placed live on the blockchain itself.

Users are able to earn a share of the systems profits by either staking the coins or creating a masternode, it’s an easy way to earn profits from this blockchain based sports book.


Bet Fury is popular bitcoin casino that has many unique in house games along with crypto gambling games from all of the top tier providers. Along with a huge cash back and bonus system, bet fury allows you to get daily bonus payments simply by holding BFG tokens in your account wallet.

You can earn daily payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin, Tron, BTT and USDT. The site looks amazing and has thousands of users playing every day, the dividends pool is over 3 million USD and all you need to do is gamble on the website and turn over bets to generate the BFG tokens.


BC Game is one of the most popular bitcoin gambling website and a has a huge amount of users online, anyone can earn profit from this website simply be funding the bank roll.. all you need to do is deposit funds into the system using 12 different cryptocurrencies and then you will get a share of the houses profits paid out in the coin.

Another one of the main features of this top crypto casino is the white label action, you can run your own bitcoin casino built on top of BC games technology – all you need to do is own the domain name and rebrand the site and you can earn life time commissions from all players who use your casino.


Bitvest has been online over 6 years now and has one of the coolest looking gambling sites, it’s very simple and easy to use and the games are fun to play.

To earn profit on this platform you can fund the bank roll, simply deposit one of the five coins available and lock it up in the system for different periods of time to earn a share of the websites daily profits paid out in the coin you invest in.