10 Cheap Cryptocurrency Slot Machines By Booongo

Booongo is one of my favorite slot machine providers and Bet Fury has all the best ones available to use, they are cheap slot machines that allow you to bet as little as 0.5 TRX per spin, and you can win up to 1000 TRX from such tiny bets.. the machines get lots of free spins and features when your betting small and they are great fun to play.

Best of all, if your using Bet Fury to play these slot machines you will generate BFG tokens with every spin and these tokens will give you daily payments in bitcoin and tron, so it’s a great way to try and win some money while also generating a small passive income and lots of free gambling credits!


15 Golden Eggs

This first online cryptocurrency slot machine is one of the most popular bitcoin and tron slots, it’s called 15 golden eggs and the idea is to get 3 of the golden eggs which trigger the feature, you can win up to 660X your money by getting all of the golden eggs along with other bonuses in the free feature.

The bonus eggs have dollar values on them, and the more eggs you collect the higher your multiplier which means you can get some great wins by filling up half the screen with eggs and if you manage to fill up the whole screen you will win the jackpot.


The 15 golden eggs slot machine from Booongo allows you to bet for only 0.6 trx per bet and can pay out up to 150 TRX on the jackpot, although you can get other big wins and bonuses too, it’s one of the most popular slot machines from Booongo and can often pay out some good wins.


Budda Fortune

This is my personal favorite slot machine on Bet Fury, its cheap at only 0.5 trx and it can pay up to 2000 times, you can run the slots on auto and let it keep running for hours, i left it a few times and came back with over 1000 TRX.. i don’t even know what i hit but it must have been a good one lol.


If your running on 0.5 trx this machine comes up with the feature fairly often, it can pay out some big wins such as 10 TRX or 25 TRX on a 0.5 trx bet, and if you dare to bet real big and win over one million TRX if you get lucky and hit the grand prize.

The sound effects and music on this game are good and with the auto bet feature you can turn the sound off and leave it running in the background or leave it over night, and if your lucky you might win along with generating many BFG tokens which pay daily cash bonuses.


12 Animals

12 Animals from Booongo is another very popular slot machine, Booongo runs slots on hundreds of different gambling websites and this is one of their most used machines, 12 animals has cool sound effects and colorful graphics and is fun to play, it can also pay out some good amounts, up to 850X.


One of the unique features of this bitcoin or tron slot machine is the fact you can buy features, you can instantly get the free spins and see if you end up with a profit, it’s fun to try and sometimes you can play the game just be using free spins the whole time.


Book Of Sun

Book of sun is one of the most popular Booongo slot machines, it features an Egyptian style theme that is familar to many users around the world, you need to get 3 of the golden books to trigger the free spins and the pharaoh symbol can substitute for all symbols and can fill the reels up to win the jackpot.


This machine allows you bet with only 0.5 trx and you can bet up to 1000+ TRX, it’s a fun slot machine and it pays out often if your betting on small amounts, it’s a good way to generate BFG tokens on the Bet Fury gambling platform and get daily cash back.


88 Dragon

88 Dragon is an Asian themed slot machine from Booongo that is popular among many bitcoin gambling sites, you can get the grand jackpot by getting 3 of the matching icons and 3 gong symbols trigger 10 free spins which also remove the low win symbols giving you a chance to win big both times.


The minimum bet is 0.88 TRX and with a X1000 win on the grand jackpot you can win up to 888 TRX, this machine has many different ways to win big and can also pay out big jackpots suddenly without even hitting the free spins.


Three Gems

Three gems adjacent is a 5 line slot machine that runs on tron, it’s very cheap and allows you to be from very small amounts up to huge $100 hits that pay out tens of thousands of dollars if you hit the jackpot, with a X2500 win on your original bet.


This machine plays nice and allows you to bet only 0.5 TRX per spin, you can leave it on auto run over night and see if you hit jackpot or bust, and if your using bet fury to play this Booongo slot machine you will be generating BFG tokens which give you daily payments on the Bet Fury online bitcoin casino.


Sun Of Egypt

Sun of Egypt is another Egyptian themed slot machine that allows you to bet in both bitcoin and tron along with a number of other coins using Bet Fury, you generate tokens while you play the game and these tokens give you daily cash back to bet fury is the best place to play this crypto slot machine.

This TRX poker machine allows you to win the major and minor jackpots just by getting that symbol when you hit the features, it’s easy for it to pop up randomly with a big win on this machine and there are multiple ways to win which keeps this trx pokie game very interesting.


The sun of egypt from Booongo has some great looking graphics and sounds and allows you to run on the game on auto bet with very small amounts, you can get lots of free wins and bonuses with only small amounts of money and have fun for hours.


Great Panda

The great panda hold and win slot machine from Booonga allows you to win up to 2000X your original bet, you can win mini and minor bonuses along with the free spin features and a number of other big wins and huge wins to keep you interested.


Great panda can pay out some good amounts of TRX if you hit the grand prize or any of the mini and minor bonuses and it’s another cheap TRX slot machine that you can leave running on auto bet with only 0.5 trx and see if you win big amounts of money or can turn over enough bets to generate profit via your BFG tokens.


Tigers Gold

Tigers gold hold and win is another very cool looking trx slot machine from Booongo that allows you to win up to 2000X your money. The graphics are similar to the other machines but with different symbols, it’s another cheap slot machine that allows you to bet big and since this slot machine is running on hundreds of online casinos including bet fury their is millions of dollars going through these machines and they can pay out huge amounts if your lucky.


With the tigers gold crypto coin slot machine you can win big hits by getting the minor and major coins when you hit the free spins, the coins can pay out big amounts too if your betting high enough, it’s a good trx slot machine with nice sounds and special effects and can pay out some good wins.


Pharaoh’s Empire

And last but certainly not least is the big bad boy, the pharaohs empire – This one has a minimum bet of 17 TRX and allows you to bet up to a whopping 5000 TRX, roughly $150 per hit! You can win huge amounts on this slot machine, tron coin allows you to bet the lowest amounts, if you use bitcoin your looking at $5 USD per hit so it’s very expensive to use bitcoin.

The bonus game on this crypto slot machine gives you 5 – 20 free spins depending on how lucky you are, and inside the free games you can get massive multipliers along with your free spins.


Pharoah’s Empire allows you to bet with as little as 1 TRX and can pay up to 5000X, it’s one of the highest paying slot machines from Booongo and it also allows you to bet the biggest amounts on any of the slot machines i have seen so far, a whopping 5000 TRX.


Bet Fury is one of the only gambling platform that let’s you mine cryptocurrency as you gamble! Each time you place a bet or do a free on the slot machines you will earn small amounts of BFG tokens, and these tokens will give you daily cash back, so it’s virtually impossible to lose on this site eventually you will receive all of your cash back.


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